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Italian-German Cultural Association【叶方 Reinhard Blank 双个展】Italian

    日期:2019-08-05 ~ 2019-09-02


    Palazzo Albrizzi Venezia

      一把宇宙的琴弦 ‘

      宇宙的生命容颜 ‘ 包含了大自然的[生] [息] ‘
      生息之间环扣着人类的心灵轨迹 ‘ 生命的归宿与源起 ‘
      都是我创作的思维 ‘ 借着自我轴心的一种语境呈现 ‘ ‘
      隐喻的 ‘ 纯粹的 ‘ 沉醉在时间与空间多重维度的交叠里 ‘
      在时间的移动中 ‘ 随着多变的世界频率 ‘ 万象的节奏 ‘
      在交错 ‘ 转移 ‘ 重构之间 ‘ 放射着对生命的感知与反思 ‘
      彷若一把宇宙的琴弦 ‘ 拨动着 ‘ 迴荡着浩渺的声波音频 ‘
      人类如此渺渺 ‘ 若浩瀚寰宇之微尘 ‘
      宇宙在时针分针秒针里 ‘ 逻辑的旋转着 ‘
      同时也在星空中对话着人类心绪内在灵魂的密码 ‘
      在日月推移 ‘ 阴晴圆缺的轮迴中 ‘
      从生到死从有到无 ‘ 即终即始无止境的运行着

      2019. 3. 11

      Like a Lyre of the Universe
      That Plays the Melodies of Creation and Death in the Firmament

      Life in the universe embraces creation and death in nature
      Life cycle traces out the development of human mind—the home and origin of life.
      This is the starting point of my creations—on the axis of ego my artistic articulation revolves. Metaphorically and purely, I indulge in the world of multi-dimensional time and space. As time moves forwards, the rhythm of beings modulates with the changing frequencies of the world. Transference and reconstruction interlace to bring about realization and reflection on life, resembling a lyre of the universe on which the strings are plucked and resonate at eternal frequencies. Human beings are so infinitesimal as dust in the infinite cosmos. The universe rotates rationally as time ticks by. And amid the starry night sky, a conversation that delineates the cosmos of human soul and mind takes place. Night succeeds day; the moon shines or dims, waxes or wanes. Creation leads to death and death is the starting point of creation—continues the cycle of creation and death as well as the rotation of being and nothingness.

      March 11, 2019
      Yeh Fang at Juan Yun Studio, Taipei

      Executive Director :Nevia Capello
      Curator : 萧琼瑞、Luchia Meihua Lee
      【叶方 Reinhard Blank 双个展】
      Italian-German Cultural Association in Venice
      Openingceremony : 2019 August 10 at 5pm

      Palazzo Albrizzi Venezia
      Associatione Culturale Italo-Tedesca Venezia Palazzo Albrizzi, Cannaregio 4118